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13 Mar 2015

Cake Glitters add life to the cake tops and we simply love the sparkling, colourful glitter sands melting in our mouths, heightening the delights of eating a wonderfully baked cream cake. Edible glitters fascinate all the cake-lovers but are you aware that often these are made of harmful hydrogenated fats and are painted with artificial colours? 

Cake decorations are among the most frequently bought food products in the UK and unfortunately artificial colours, flavours, bad fats are hugely used in these products. Many a times people buy these decorations without knowing that they are actually paying for a number of toxic elements, detrimental for health. Artificial dyes and hydrogenated fats used in cake...

04 Mar 2015

Even if you are very particular about the quality of ingredients, sometimes you may miss to check whether those are of good grade or not. It happens with the cake decorations. Those are often bought in haste but when you are buying the chocolate decorations you should always enquire about the quality of the chocolate. 

You can go for a tasting check for the best. You will need to keep aside all the fascinations you have about the substance so that you can become choosy and find the best grade for you.

It may seem difficult since the rich brown colour has such an exotic appeal that we fall for it instantly. You can take the risk while buying branded choco bars but when you are shopping for it as an ingredient, a quality...

02 Mar 2015
As a perfect dessert cake is the demand for every celebration so the requirement of cake decoration art and a skilled artist is more common. Unless this dessert is perfectly finished with an attractive appearance, it does not grab the viewers’ attention and thrills the senses.  Achieving expertise in cake designing and decoration is not very difficult. With the use of internal imagination and creativity, anyone can create the magic of sugar on this dessert.  Today many institutes are providing their special classes in cake decoration art. By attending these classes, one can polish and improve his cake decoration skills.

These training classes teach the simple yet innovative methods to ornamenting a simple cake.  For example, by using...

15 Jan 2015

If you are into cake décor industry, you know the growing demand of professional cake decoration. Companies, corporate and offices these days hire specialized cake décor expert to ensure that when they order cakes for a purpose, they want it to be differently unique and delicate, not just in terms of taste and significance but by look and statement. With the growing demand of cake decoration, experts of the industry are even organizing short and long terms courses to help people learn about the interesting artwork, and earn money from it and thereby meeting the evolving consumer preferences and demand.

Decorating a cake the way a user wants or the way a user wants the expert to prepare it is an art. It is a...