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06 May 2015
Glimmer sugar is one of the most sought-after edible glitter sugar cake decorations that can turn ordinary cakes and pastries into exclusive eatables. Maybe you’ve tried your hand in it a number of times but here we have some whacky ideas to share.

But before you delve into it, make sure that your cupboard is filled with packs of a number of varieties. You should have glimmers in metallic colours like gold and silver. Also you should buy glimmers in a range of colours like purple, red, green, yellow…

Are you feeling stressed out because of the budget issues? There’s no need to. All these varieties are available in sachets, pots as well as in retail tubs and jars. You can pick according to your need but do care to buy from a seller who use natural flavours and colours only.

On Sponge Cakes

The best part of cake decoration stuff is that there’s no stringent recipe rule to follow. You can use them on any eatable of your choice. So, we thought why don’t we try it on freshly baked sponge cakes? First, cover the cakes with any basic frosting and then sprinkle the sugar so that the dusts stick well.

On Sundaes

Now, that will be a glittering sundae. Normally multi-coloured sugar strands are used but you can use glimmer sugars instead. Preferably you should use in small quantities so that not to ruin the basic taste of the ice-cream.

On Tarts

We shall recommend you to use bespoke flavoured glimmer sugars. If you haven’t ever tasted any, check our website. We have an inventory. Lime, lemon, raspberry, cranberry, strawberry, orange-- name any flavour and we have it.

You need to match the taste of the glimmer with the taste of the tart. Preferably, go for a glimmer flavour, different from the flavour of the tart. For example, if you have a lemon tart then sprinkle cranberry flavoured glimmer. If you have a chocolate tart then orange glimmer can be a good choice. Think, innovate and match it the way you like.

On Puddings

Give your loved ones a nice surprise by covering the pudding trays with gold or silver glimmers while serving. When you will set the table they will be guessing hard what lies beneath.
On Mayonnaise

Now, this may seem crazy to a Briton but in India, people use to spread sugar on butter-toasts. You can modify to suit your British taste buds. Choose any bespoke flavoured glimmer sugar and sprinkle on the mayonnaise. 

We hope you won’t dislike. It’s sugary after all.


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