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13 Mar 2015

Cake Glitters add life to the cake tops and we simply love the sparkling, colourful glitter sands melting in our mouths, heightening the delights of eating a wonderfully baked cream cake. Edible glitters fascinate all the cake-lovers but are you aware that often these are made of harmful hydrogenated fats and are painted with artificial colours? 

Cake decorations are among the most frequently bought food products in the UK and unfortunately artificial colours, flavours, bad fats are hugely used in these products. Many a times people buy these decorations without knowing that they are actually paying for a number of toxic elements, detrimental for health. Artificial dyes and hydrogenated fats used in cake decorations can cause cardio-vascular diseases and even cancer.

Most of the buyers are not aware of the fact that many cake decoration suppliers use cheap synthetic fats and chemical paints to minimise their production cost. When a buyer sees the tag ‘edible’ on such products, hardly he can imagine that the product is made of something which is not meant for human consumption.

He remains assured that he has bought the kind of cake decoration which his children can not only enjoy viewing but also can taste. But anything which is tagged ‘edible’ is not essentially free of harmful substances. Since there is a lack of general awareness and buyers indiscriminately pick up items, a number of suppliers are taking advantage of this situation and making millions.

That is why whenever you are buying cake decorations always read the product descriptions carefully. There are a handful of responsible suppliers who do not use any kind of artificial colour, flavour or hydrogenated fats in their products and they mention this on the packages.

If you are buying from any shop or supermarket, minutely search for the declarations like ‘No artificial colour’, ‘No Hydrogenated fats’ etc on the packs. If no such statement is there, ask the sales person. If he too is not aware, do not buy the products at all. There is no point in taking chances, once you are aware. Find another shop.

If you are shopping online, then again you should read the product descriptions carefully or simply search for the cake decorations for sale which are free of artificial flavour, colour or hydrogenated fats. But before placing the order, explore the website well and read the reviews.

Do remember that all that glitters is not edible!


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