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06 Mar 2015

Pearls are precious and imagine the smooth, one of the most desirable elements in the world melting in your mouth, leaving with you a taste that lasts for a long time. Of course we are talking about breathtaking pearl cake sprinkles. Those tiny and round, sugary substances simply magnify the delight of a wonderfully baked cake.

Cake decoration is all about imagination. You need to push your creative limits higher so that to create something completely exhilarating. The pre-condition of any brilliant creation is that you should not be in dearth of tools. Those should be as many as in number with a range that can enable you to get into creating anything and everything.

Why should the cake decorations be limited to only flowers, petals, buds, stars or choco-chips? Innovative pearl sprinkle ideas can simply make your cake stand apart from a league that has harped on too much on traditional designs.

It is time to create a new line of designs and set an example. Would you not feel proud if your outstanding cake decoration gets 200 likes on Instagram or your loved ones burst out in wonder and shower upon you the praises you always want to hear?  

Edible pearl sprinkles, made of completely natural ingredients, natural colours and with no hydrogenated fats, available in a range of combination sets are all set to get you the title of the best cake designer in your neighbourhood. These are so created that you can delve into experimenting with ideas that no one has ever thought of without being worried about health issues.

How about a gum paste Mermaid sitting on the top of a sea-green cake with white pearls spread all over? Or think about a dark chocolate three-tier cake decorated with silver pearl balls, ideal for a formal party.

Whether you are baking something to make your guests feel jealous with your talent or simply trying to add some excitement at the dinner table, pearl sprinkles are the best tools to provide you the liberty to design anything which is mouthwatering at the base and scintillating on the top.

Edible pearl sprinkles are simply glimmer sugars, either coated with a vibrant hue or kept in white, shining so bright that those are often mistaken by children as original pearls. You can find them in sparkling silver, dazzling gold or simply matching with the pastel shades ready to add glamour to your cake and be melted in you mouth.


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