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04 Mar 2015

Even if you are very particular about the quality of ingredients, sometimes you may miss to check whether those are of good grade or not. It happens with the cake decorations. Those are often bought in haste but when you are buying the chocolate decorations you should always enquire about the quality of the chocolate. 

You can go for a tasting check for the best. You will need to keep aside all the fascinations you have about the substance so that you can become choosy and find the best grade for you.

It may seem difficult since the rich brown colour has such an exotic appeal that we fall for it instantly. You can take the risk while buying branded choco bars but when you are shopping for it as an ingredient, a quality checking is a must.


This is the very first step and any experienced cook can sniff the strong aroma that persists in any good quality chocolate product. If you are not sure, take time and sniff again.


If you have dwelt with the chocolates for a long time then you probably be familiar with the shine or gleam finish of good quality chocolates. If it is a dark chocolate then it should have a slight reddish tinge.

% of Cocoa Butter

The more is the percentage, the more luxurious will be the taste and to figure out that you will need to make it melt between your fingers. If it melts too quickly then it means the chocolate contains high percentage of cocoa butter.


This one is the best way to identify the actual grade of the chocolate. If it is of poor quality, you will be able to spot that immediately since the chocolate will taste synthetic. Original superior quality chocolate always leaves with a velvety and buttery taste.

Whether you are shopping for a sauce, frosting, choco chips or other decorative choco products, you should always check the quality of the chocolate. These things should never be bought in a hurry since most of the time children consume these chocolate decorations.

Since you do not want to compromise with their health, you should be very particular and alert while buying the decorations. And if you want to cut short the hassles, always do the shopping from a good place that sells 100% natural products with no artificial colour or hydrogenated fat.


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