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02 Mar 2015

Glitter sugar is the easiest and attractive method to give your cake a touch of sparkling perfection. A little sprinkle of colorful glitter sugar gives a spectacular makeover to a simple sweet cake. When you apply some edible glitter, luster dust or glitter spray on your baked creation, it not only gives your cake an extra shine but also give your creation a festive, glamorous and much appealing appearance. 

A beautifully decorated cake can be a show-stopper of any occasion.  Generally, the cakes inspired by floral designing, are the perfect canvas for presenting the fantastic and dazzling effect of these edibles. The use of glitter makes a cake a breathtaking experience.   Here are some tips to glitter, polish or spark a dessert with glitter sugar:

  • First be sure that what type of edible glitter is suitable for cake. The big bright floral pattern are usually highlighted on edges while a simple coat of sparkle dust gives a rather sophisticated appearance to a less detailed cake.
  • It is also a considerable point that how to apply the shimmer on a cake craft. To apply luster dust on a cake use a soft and dry paint brush. It will add a gentle highlight to the cake. The edible paints which are actually the mixture of luster dust and flavoring extracts are directly painted on the cake.
  • And yes, the edible glitters can be applied with icing glue also.
So, when next time you choose glitter sugar in your cake don’t forget the above mentioned simple ideas.


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